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With over 95 years of experience in industrial printing, marking, and engraving technics, our company has acquired its expertise working for the most demanding actors in the luxury market, and developing a global service in decorating, and metal processing.


The embossing process highlights text, decor, graphic design ... This technique by cold deformation of the material, obtained by specific tools on press, emphasizes the preciousness of the case of your luxury packaging and reinforces the Prestige of the mark.


Chemical cutting

Precision and finesse are the key words in the chemical cutting of metal. Whatever the material and the thickness, this process makes it possible to realize the most complex shapes, the imagination is its only limit. The cuts and openings are made without deformation or burr.
This process involves dissolving the unprotected portions of a metal sheet with an acid. The metal is previously spared to mask the areas to be protected.
The chemical cutting of the metal makes it possible to offer a result of a delicacy that is similar to lace, an effect that perfectly suits luxury brands, for all their luxury packagings.

Chemical cutting


This process allows the use of a wide choice of traditional or specific colors inks: mirror, textured ... and to realize intense and durable surfaces, of good opacity. Silk-screen printing is a process based on the principle of the stencil. The actual printing is carried out by means of a doctor blade which transfers the ink to the metal.
This apparent simplicity conceals a craft and know-how in reality very sharp. Indeed, according to the result and the visual rendering sought, each manufacture makes use of choices of inks, mesh of fabric, and tension of the specific screen.


Mill materials



Stainless steel

Marking is an expression of luxury, and an item's finishing touches are only as elegant as the nobility of the materials used.
Stainless steel, aluminium, brass...a true master at the service of luxury brands.

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